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Flaws for Street Fighter: The Roleplaying Game

The following is a compilation of Flaws for use in Street Fighter campaigns. These provide character quirks, limitations, and things that spur conflict in the game world and thus award players with some extra points. Storytellers should be cautious about how many points characters are allowed to gain by taking Flaws and that players aren't taking them purely for points with no intention of the Flaw ever coming up in play. Each one awards the character an amount of freebie points equal to the listed cost. Flaws cannot be taken on once the game has begun unless the Storyteller deems a situation worthy of a new weakness or limitation. These generally award no points for the character in question.

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Table of Contents

Absent-Minded (3 points)

Your mind is something of a strainer with holes that are too big. Information just seems to go in one ear and right out the other. The difficulty to remember anything beyond the most basic information is increased by 1.

Abused (2-4 points)

You have seen firsthand the misery one human can inflict upon another. Some time in your past you were the focus of such sadistic tendencies and you still bear the emotional scars. Anyone trained in Ler Drit has at least the minimum rank of this flaw automatically (for which no points are awarded).

For 2 points you have been physically battered and beaten in order to get you to comply with an authority figure and/or to “toughen you up.” This could stem from a rough childhood, time spent in a correctional facility, or as a result of your sensei who felt you didn’t show them the proper respect and discipline. This rank of Abused also covers most forms of sexual predation.

At 3 points you were assaulted, mauled, and/or left for dead by someone who wanted you dead. Although you survived you have at least one physical scar from your ordeal. If your attacker is still at large there’s no telling if they might come back to finish the job they started.

For 4 points you endured some of those worst torture possible and it included both physical and mental assaults intended to break you down and strip away your identity. Such abuse was sustained over a long period of time and was accompanied by an implicit threat of death if your abuser ever felt so inclined. If the torture was especially horrific this flaw can be worth more than 4 points but such cases are (thankfully) rare.

Any time you come face to face with memories of your abuse you must make an immediate Willpower roll in order to act. If this roll botches you can do nothing but relive the pain and possibly panic if threatened. If the Storyteller feels you have come to terms with this part of your life you can pay off this flaw without spending experience. Good luck for this is usually just the door to a whole host of other flaws.

Achilles Heel (1-6 points)

You have a terrible weakness to one substance much like a werewolf’s intolerance of silver or Superman’s inability to withstand Kryptonite. The mere presence of this substance makes you uncomfortable. If you are touched by it your skin will break out into a rash followed by boils and vomiting. Ingestion inflicts three points of aggravated damage and complete loss of all special abilities until said damage heals. Any weapon made from this substance automatically deals aggravated damage to you which you cannot soak.

The more common and readily-available your Achilles Heel is the more points it is worth. So, to continue with the aforementioned Superman, Kryptonite would be 1 as it is rare and distinct. A common household item like dish detergent would be worth 4. A vampire’s allergy to sunlight would be worth 6 points.

Addiction (2 points)

An addiction is a chemical dependency on things like alcohol, drugs, painkillers, etc. Each day that the addiction is denied the character loses one die off of all rolls (this is not cumulative). When presented with the substance to which you are addicted you must make a Willpower roll at a difficulty determined by the length of time since the addiction was last sated and stress level.

During the first week the difficulty starts at 3 and increases by 1 each day. On the last day the character makes a Willpower roll to come to grips with their cravings. If successful the difficulty resets to 4 on the next day and only increases by 1 every two days. If the character is under stress the difficulty increases by 2. No addiction ever truly disappears but if the character manages to avoid temptation long enough the Storyteller may rule that the difficulty of checks no longer increases solely based on time.

Amnesia (2 points)

Your memory is blank. You cannot recall anything about your past – not even your true name. Until you recover your memory (something only the Storyteller can decide upon) you cannot gain any benefit from anything that would be dependent on these memories: Sensei, Style Lore, etc. In fact the memory loss is so complete that at the beginning you don’t even remember how to fight! In order to remember how to use a special maneuver you need to pass a Wits check. This is fudging true amnesia for the sake of the game as this flaw does not prevent you from remembering most abilities, how to speak, or how to function at a level sufficient to care for yourself.

Apostate (2 points)

You have renounced your prior religious affiliation earning you the ire of the faithful who wonder why you would choose to reject salvation. For the most part you are simply treated with contempt for this decision. In some countries, however, being an apostate is a capital offense. It would probably be a good idea not to visit such a place.

This flaw can also be used as a stand-in for a character at risk in their home community for what are considered grave ideological offenses. For example, a character who used to work for a dictatorship decides to flee to another country and renounce their former affiliations. That renouncement would be covered by this flaw.

Arranged Marriage (2 points)

Although once commonplace the practice of arranging marriages of political, social, and economic convenience has fallen to the wayside in the west. There are still places where it is common. A character with this flaw knows this first hand. Being in an arranged marriage does not equal being in an abusive relationship but it is (for the purposes of this flaw) a loveless one.

Bad Fortune (variable)

Choosing Bad Fortune is truly placing yourself in the Storyteller's hands! They roll on the following table (or just pick an effect) to determine the nature of the character's misfortune and then award points. Depending on the result the character may not be aware of their misfortune until it is too late. For maximum ambiguity for players most entries with the same point value have multiple and different effects. No character may have more than 1 Bad Fortune no matter who many points are gleaned from this disadvantage. These are, of course, only suggestions and the Storyteller should feel free to craft an appropriate Bad Fortune for those who want to take on this flaw.

Type of Fortune



Allergic Reaction


You have a minor allergy which is rarely (if ever) life-threatening. Choose the substance you are allergic to. Once triggered the allergy continually interferes with everything you do increasing the difficulties of all related rolls by 1 for one scene. (example: A serious allergy of ragweed can cause sneezing and watery eyes thus resulting in an increased difficulty to concentrate.)



You have a much harder time learning and mastering your martial art. You must spend an additional experience point to learn a new maneuver or modify an existing one.

Birth Sign


You were born under a foreboding omen leaving those who know about your birth with a feeling of ill ease.

Unrealistic Expectations


Your parents or family expect you to go far in life. Too bad their expectations are unrealistic and they are doomed to disappointment - which you have to then hear about.

Unrequited Love


Someone has developed an intense jealous attraction to you and will go to such lengths as wrecking any current relationship you enjoy to get your attention.



The open road forever calls. It is impossible for you to stay in any one place for long. Should you try to resist forces will steadily conspire to force you back onto the road.



The manner in which you will perish has already been decided and it is most unpleasant. Even if you don't know about this little fact you will instinctually avoid situations which could fulfill your doom. For example if you are slated to die in a plane crash you will become nervous and agitated before boarding a flight and be prone to panic attacks once on board.

Mountain of Debt


You or someone in your immediate family has racked up a mountain of debt well in excess of your current ability to pay. Despite this fact you will be called upon to pay up soon ... oh so very soon.



No matter how much wealth you accumulate over your lifetime you will lose it all and die broken and penniless.

Laughing Stock


No matter how much glory or wisdom you attain your name will always be associated with your failures and never your victories. Your Glory rank is always considered two permanent points lower when qualifying for tournaments.

Unseen Enemy


You’ve made an enemy out in the world whose existence you aren’t even aware of until it’s too late to do anything about them.



A child or student of yours will come to see an error you make as a grave sin and nurse their hatred until it consumes them. Eventually they will betray you and cause much heartache.

Maw of Madness


You are inherently mentally unstable. Any check to stave off mental affects requires an additional two successes. Should you botch any such check you automatically gain a mental illness related to the failure with no point bonus for you.



Maybe you’re just a genuine bumbling fool or you simply can’t be bothered to do a competent job. Whatever the case the difficulty of all skill rolls increases by 1 whenever you're trying to work while distracted or emotionally charged. If you can stay calm you're generally all right. Too bad the life of a Street Fighter is usually hectic.



Whenever something bad happens people immediately suspect you as the cause of it no matter how hard you try to appear unassuming and innocent.

Reaper's Agent


You will singlehandedly be the cause of death for someone of great importance to you: friend, family, lover, teacher, etc. When this is fullfilled you no longer have Bad Fortune but gain 6 points in other flaws related to this fate with no point bonus for you.



Those you love, you also inflict the most pain upon. It is inevitable that you will betray them in the most horrendous way possible.

The Bitten Hand


You are genuinely good-intentioned when you try to help others but something always seems to go wrong. Despite your sincerity something always backfires. The charitable organizations you send money to turn out to be embezzling the funds. Clothing you donated to charity turns out to be highly prone to catching fire. Someway, somehow it goes wrong.

Cassandra Truth


Visions sometimes impart wisdom of things that happen in the future. However, you are cursed for every time you try to warn others of impending disaster your words fall upon deaf ears. At best the people you try to help will dismiss you as mad.

Darkness of Fate


Sometime in the future you will be tested and found lacking. An important roll, which only the Storyteller will decide, will fail with no chance of recovery. It is your inevitable destiny.

The Lost


You will be forgotten; your glory, your achievements, your history all purged from human memory. Each week you automatically lose 1 point of temporary Glory.

Dark Master


You will attain the ultimate glory every street fighter craves but not in the manner most would want. You will eventually develop a technique, maneuver, or ability beyond your ability to control and it will wreak havoc every time it is used.

Accursed One


The Dark Hadou calls for you. Every time you succeed on a Dark Hadou roll the effect is doubled. Once you reach -10 there is no turning back. You become an NPC under the Storyteller's control. Almost invariably your first order of business will be to eliminate your former friends and family. They are only holding you back from your true self, after all.



A random result of 10 on a roll on this table just results in a re-roll. Sorry, only goes so high.

Bad Luck (2, 4, 6 points)

Lady Luck simply isn't with you. Misfortune falls upon you now and then without warning. This is a (generally) more benign bit of bad luck compared to the Bad Fortune disadvantage outlined above. For each rank of this flaw you take on the Storyteller can force you to re-roll once per session and keep the lower of the two rolls. This does not cause you to expend extra Chi or Willpower.

Bad Reputation (2 points)

An aspect of your personality - drunkeness, gambling, foolishness, etc.- has become synonymous with your reputation. It is impossible for other people to separate the two without getting to know you personally. Enemies will seek to exploit this flaw while honorable fighters roll their eyes in disgust at your lack of self-control.

Bad Sight (2 points)

Your vision is rather poor even with corrective measures like glasses. The difficulty of all rolls requiring vision is increased by 2.

Berserker (1 point)

Anger constantly bubbles under the surface just waiting to be released. Willpower and Honor rolls to resist acting out this anger are at base difficulty 7. If you give into this bloodlust and injure an innocent or inflict aggravated damage on your opponent you lose 1 temporary Honor. In tournaments entering a berserker rage costs you 2 temporary Honor.

Blackmailed (1-5 points)

The receiving end of the Blackmail merit listed above. Someone has the dirt on you and uses it to ensure your continued cooperation. The point value of this flaw determines the amount of information your nemesis possesses and the repercussions it could have should it ever leak.

Unlike having an Obligation there is no Honor commitment to obeying. If you agree it can be all too easy to slip into a downward spiral as your tormentor compels you to do their dirty work for them.

Black Sheep (2, 5 points)

Your family would rather pretend you never existed. You did something so heinous in their eyes to warrant a complete severance with them. They will never speak with you unless they absolutely have to. Anyone who asks them about you will at best receive denials that you ever existed and at worst wildly exaggerated tales of your evil. The 5 point version of this flaw applies if your family holds a position of significant power in the world or they were personally providing your martial arts training.

Blind (6 points)

You are blind and cannot see. Any roll that requires sight automatically fails unless you use a special ability that grants extraordinary vision.

Branded (3 points)

For a prior transgression you were marked with a brand that can never be erased. This mark can be physical - a tattoo, burn, or scar - or supernatural if the Storyteller allows. When undertaking social interactions with people who recognize the brand your difficulties increase by 2.

Broken Will (9 points)

Your willpower has been rent asunder by a terrible trauma you were forced to endure. The most visible specter of this form of torture are the Revenants – the broken husks who once studied Ler Drit only to be reduced to M. Bison’s mindless minions. Do not take this flaw lightly for it has dire repercussions. Your permanent Willpower is one regardless of your Style. It cannot be raised in any way.

Can’t Lie (3 points)

You simply can’t pass anything off as the truth. There is no subterfuge roll to tell the yarn – your audience simply sees right through your attempt at deception.

Chi Flux (1-6 points)

Your chi does not flow normally. This causes greater difficulty to tap your chi and can even prevent you from using it altogether in certain situations. When choosing this flaw decide what situation prevents using chi. The more common this situation the more points this flaw is worth. In addition, this causes the affects of Dim Mak to become random unless your attacker has taken the arduous time to study your unique patterns. On rolls that use Chi the difficulty is increased by 1 per 2 points of this flaw.

Clumsy (2 points)

No china shop looks forward to your arrival. You have a poor sense of the space around you leading you to continually bump into things, stub toes, and fumble objects in hand. The difficulty of any test requiring such coordination is increased by 1. Surely the Storyteller will forget about this trait and not cause you to drop something important like your car keys at a bad time.

Color Blindness (1, 2 points)

The most common form of Color Blindness – worth 1 point – is the inability to see some colors in the visible spectrum. Although generally little more than a nuisance it can be quite a hamper for some professions.

The more serious form of Color Blindness is the complete inability to see color. The world appears as shades of light and darkness like a black and white photograph.

Dark Secret (2 points)

Perhaps you used to work for Shadoloo or you were cast out by your first Sensei as a miserable failure. Whatever the secret is it must remain just that – a secret. If anyone finds out your secret you will automatically lose Honor. The amount lost is dependent on the severity of the secret and how many people know. If your enemies discover this knowledge you might have to do as they say to avoid a loss of face.

If the secret is particularly bad it can be worth more than the 2 points listed above. In these situations revealing the secret has repercussions that ripple far beyond just that character. If it would wreck just you it’s worth 2 points. If it would destroy your entire family it would be worth significantly more up to a maximum of 9 points.

Deaf (4 points)

You cannot hear. Any roll dependent on hearing automatically fails.

Deathseeker (4 points)

You secretly long for the cold embrace of death. If you also have the Guilt flaw this disadvantage is only worth 3 points and any time Guilt seizes you the urge to recklessly throw yourself headlong into danger is insatiable. The reason for this desire could stem from a past failure which you feel can only be atoned by glorious combat. Although you are suicidal your longing manifests as a total reckless disregard for your own safety. The more dangerous a task is the more you will be drawn to it. In order to take any other action you must succeed in a Willpower roll.

Deceased Sensei (2 points)

Sometime before the game began your Sensei perished. This can be the cause of much trouble depending on how they died. Obviously you cannot go to this sensei to learn new techniques and others in your art might be distrustful if they think you were somehow involved in your sensei’s demise.

Disfigured (2 points)

You possess a glaring scar or birth defect that impacts the way others see you. This could be a lost eye, a gouge down your face, a cleft palate, etc. Your appearance is permanently considered 1 point less.

Disjoined Soul (3 points)

You are not one with your inner being creating a tumultuous rift within you. This conflict makes it more difficult to recover Chi. For each point recovered you need two successes on your Honor rolls. This does not affect recovering Chi with rest.

Easily Distracted (2 points)

You have a hard time paying attention to anything for more then a few minutes at a time. You must make a Willpower check in order to focus your attention on anything for a significant period of time. This includes such things as paying attention in class or in meetings. Because of the ease with which you are distracted you find it much harder to concentrate on your opponents in battle and suffer a -1 dice pool penalty to all evasion checks. It is, after all, difficult to remain focused when you're trying to plan your next move and the crowd is shouting so loudly.

Enemy (1-5 points)

You have made a singular yet dangerous and persistent foe. The greater the point value of this flaw the more powerful your nemesis is. Unlike the Hunted flaw this is one person who particularly dislikes you and wants to see you ruined.

Enigmatic (1 point)

Blunt? You? Nope. You tend to speak in vague terms with flowery language and metaphoric symbols. If other people look at you like you’ve got a screw loose and have a hard time understanding your point well they should try harder and read more. The difficulty of all Instruction rolls you make are increased by 1.

Exile (2, 3 points)

You are not welcome in the country of your birth. If you try to enter you will be arrested at the border and either face prosecution for whatever legal entanglements prompted you to flee in the first place or you will be deported to a country you currently hold citizenship in. Thus if you need to enter that country you will have to do so illegally and hope to avoid attention. For 2 points you are a voluntary exile. At 3 points you were forced to leave.

Epilepsy (4 points)

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that results in seizures when the nervous system becomes overtaxed. Seizures can be brought on by stress, sickness, flashing light patterns, or other trauma. When exposed to a trigger the character must begin making Stamina rolls until they fail or exposure ends. If the character goes into a seizure they will collapse unable to do anything until the episode passes and possibly injure themselves in the process. If the stamina check botched the character quickly slips into a catatonic state which lasts for several hours.

False Memories (2 points)

As a result of dubious therapy and the over zealousness of others you have come to believe that certain memories are true when they are actually fanciful constructs pieced together through suggestion and fragmentation. The Storyteller will decide what memories are true or false. It will be difficult for you to come to grips with the falsehoods you have come to believe.

Foe from the Past (1, 2, 3 points)

You have an enemy out for revenge against an ancestor, sensei, family member or a prior incarnation of yours and you happen to be the most convenient route to fullfilling this vengeance. The more powerful the foe, the more points this is worth. This cannot be combined with the Enemy flaw – they must be distinct adversaries. An enemy of this variety is generally apathetic to you personally but they will use and abuse you, even kill you, if it furthers their larger goal.

Forbidden Knowledge (2 - 5 points)

You possess knowledge that is generally considered dangerous and taboo. In the street fighting circuit this could be a dangerous maneuver considered too risky to ever use. Or it could be knowledge of the inner workings of a crime syndicate like Shadoloo. Either way displaying what you know is hazardous for your health.

The point value of this flaw indicates the lengths to which others are willing to go to silence you should they find out you know the secrets you do. Either that, or the resources they are willing to expend to capture you and force you to divulge the secret.

Forbidden Maneuver (1/pp + 1 per 3 dots – see below)

Choose a maneuver of your style. You may not use that maneuver nor maneuvers which require it. The point value awarded by this flaw is determined by the following formula: 1 per power point cost + 1 per 3 dots in technique requirements, round down to a minimum of 1. You cannot take this flaw for a maneuver in a forbidden technique, an Any maneuver (like Buffalo Punch), or one of the basic maneuvers. It must be one taught by your style.

Forbidden Technique (7 points)

Choose one of the following techniques: Punch, Kick, Athletics, Block, Grab, or Focus (weapon techniques cannot be forbidden except as part of school taboos). You may never learn or use any maneuvers of the chosen technique including basic maneuvers of that type. You may not have a technique which is both forbidden and inept.

Gaslit (1 point)

At some point in the past a ‘friend’ deliberately tried to drive you insane in a process known as Gaslighting. Although the attempt failed you learned the hard way that those who profess to be trustworthy can be anything but. You suffered through tremendous anxiety and even started to believe you had lost your grip on reality. If you are the target of mental abilities which mimic the symptoms you experienced before this anxiety returns increasing the total affective successes of the maneuver used on you by one. This is not an automatic success.

Gossip (1 point)

You can’t keep your mouth shut about anything. The juicier the details the more you want to whisper it to others just to revel in the shock on their faces. In order to resist the urge to blab you must spend a point of temporary Willpower.

Gullible (3 points)

The old saying goes: A sucker is born every minute. Unfortunately you are that sucker. Attempts to use deceit on you have a base difficulty of 3. You simply have a natural tendency to believe what you hear without question.

Guilt (3 points)

You’ve done something shameful and the memory of it dogs your thoughts and twists your priorities. You automatically have a corresponding Compulsion (for which no points are awarded) and when directly reminded of your guilt you must make a Willpower roll or be consumed with self-loathing and the need to be punished. While in the throes of this guilt all of your difficulties are increased by 2.

Hard of Hearing (2 points)

Perhaps you worked too long in a heavy industry and your ears have suffered or you were born with a congenital ear defect. Either way you have poor hearing and the difficulty of all related rolls is increased by 2.

Hatred (3 points)

A seething coil of rage burns inside of you. It is possible to hate practically anything – a person, an animal, a situation, a place, etc. When faced with the object of your hatred you must pass a Willpower check not to go into a frenzy. If you do not expend a point of temporary Willpower to resist them you will automatically fail attempts to goad you into this frenzy (taunts, Psychic Rage, etc.).

Haunted (3 points)

An annoying spirit stalks and harasses you using its powers to hamper you at the worst of times. There is no specific set of abilities such a spirit can possess although the Storyteller may assign it a list of Focus maneuvers it can use to cause mischief. You can never escape this spirit - it will follow you wherever you go - but depending on the circumstances you may be able to appease it for awhile.

Honorbound (2 points)

You have a strong sense of honor that goes beyond all practical reason. Any and every challenge must be met with immediate, unreasoning force. If someone slights your honor you will remember it and bear an irrepressible grudge until that stain is cleansed. You are perfectly willing to do anything necessary within your interpretation of the rules in order to see justice done.

Hostage (2, 3 points)

You or a loved one is being held as a hostage. The 2-point variety is if you are the hostage. Although you might be treated as an “honored guest” your captors make it painfully clear that should you try anything they will bring retribution on you and those you care about.

The 3-point variety applies if it is your loved one being held. You must comply with their captors or their life will be forfeit. Should they perish you will no longer have this flaw but will receive another in it’s stead of equal or lesser point value to be determined by the Storyteller.

Hunted (4 points)

You made a dangerous enemy and they have dedicated considerable resources to tracking you down. This could be a government agency, a dojo you crossed, Shadoloo, or even a high ranking Street Fighter with the resources to back up their ire. Your hunter is always working from the shadows to find and capture you even if you don’t see them.

Hypochondriac (1 point)

Yucky, icky germs are everywhere! You must take precautions lest you be infected with a deadly illness. Of course this is a bit at odds with a life traveling the globe beating other people up for sport and profit but it’s nothing that antibacterial wipes and good medical insurance can’t cover. (Yes, this is another flaw fudged for the game's sake. Full on Hypochondria would make a life of street fighting nigh impossible and should only apply to non-fighters.)

Inept (3, 5 points)

When it comes to natural aptitudes you apparently were absent the day they were handed out. This means you have 3 fewer points to spend buying Skills and no such trait can go above 3 until this flaw is paid off. If the Storyteller allows it the more expensive version for 5 points does the same thing at the same 1:1 ratio with Skills still capped at 3.

Insane Past Life (1 point)

You have strong lingering memories from a previous incarnation who was considered less then sane (usually this means they had points in the Mental Illness flaw that at times "leaks" through to the present day). Create the personality and fighting style (if any) of this past life. In times of great stress you and this personality fight for control through a contest of permanent Chi. If it wins it briefly takes control as you slip back into that mind. The alternate incarnation has Chi and Willpower equal to your own but can only use special maneuvers it knows that you also possess. When it gains control it retains it for one scene or until knocked unconscious. You may only have this flaw if you have the merit Past Life.

Note that what would be considered insane in the modern day might have been perfectly normal and reasonable at the time the past life existed and the "insanity" as it were is the result of culture shock.

Insane Sensei (1 point)

Your sensei has been stigmatized as mentally unstable. They may act out in ways that cause you to lose face either due to a mental illness or because of the stigma they've received. This does mean their specific teachings clash at times with school standards even if in subtle ways. This makes it more difficult to learn special maneuvers from other masters of the same school increasing their experience point costs by 2 points.

If your sensei is deliberately mis-teaching you maneuvers so they will fail in actual combat you gain an additional point from this flaw for every maneuver penalized (-1 speed and damage). Such maneuvers cannot be modified until these flaws are paid off with experience.

Lame (3 points)

A deformity or injury makes walking painful. All walking and running movement totals are penalized by 2 down to a minimum of 1 (unless the maneuver has a fixed movement). This does not affect movement for jumps or Focus maneuvers like Yoga Teleport.

Light Sensitive (2 points)

You are particularly sensitive to bright lights. Whenever you must go outside in the daylight you must wear eye protection or be blinded. If you are attacked by the Light Flash special maneuver you automatically suffer an additional point of damage due to your sensitivity.

Lost Love (1 point)

You once tasted true happiness and were forced to watch it slip through your fingers. If you are reminded of this loss you slip into a deep melancholy which can be hard to shake off. When this happens you need 3 successes on a Willpower roll to act normally. Otherwise you lose two dice off all rolls for one scene.

Low Self Image (3 points)

Self-confidence is not your forte. This lack of confidence means you must make a Willpower roll to act in stressful situations and that Honor rolls to recover Willpower require two successes for each point recovered. This does not effect recovering Willpower through rest.

Major Allergy (2 points)

You have a serious and life-threatening allergy such as peanuts, shellfish, lactose, and the bites and stings of certain creatures. (This is fudging things a bit for the sake of simplicity as allergies and intolerance are actually distinct conditions.) This flaw may be taken multiple times as each one denotes a separate and singular allergy. Exposure to such an allergic trigger requires continuous Stamina checks as your body reacts.

Symptoms include hives, rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, pain, cramping, and in the worst cases the onset of anaphylactic shock which can lead to low blood pressure, loss of consciousness, and eventually death if left untreated.

This is distinct from Achilles Heel in that these allergens do not cause a reaction merely by presence or touch. They must be introduced into the body by injection or ingestion. They also do not inherently cause damage or temporary loss of abilities. An allergy of this nature can be an Achilles Heel if the character wishes to take on both flaws.

Mark of Darkness ( 1–6 points)

You have already started down the path of darkness. Each point of this flaw means you begin play with a full rank of Dark Hadou up to a maximum of 6. Beginning Ler Drit players may not take this flaw as their Hadou has already awakened to the dark side and they suffer sufficient penalties for that fact.

Matchmaker (1 point)

Pairing people up is just so much fun even when they are imaginary characters. However there are many dissenting opinions on who makes a good couple so you often find yourself in heated discussions whenever the topic comes up. You simply cannot resist making matches.

Mental Illness (2-5 points)

These are mental and neurological disorders. This flaw works a bit differently then other flaws. The amount of points taken for this represent how many facets to the illness exist and/or their intensity. In other words instead of having many different illnesses each with their own point values characters essential "build a disorder" by choosing symptoms, strengths, and triggers. This list is not intended to be exhaustive and the GM has the final say on what combinations are permissible. For most of these the effects can be temporarily staved off by spending a point of temporary willpower - for the duration of scene at least although for a low intensity disorder the duration can be as long as 24 hours. Choose from the following table any one facet or combination thereof per point. (More severe illnesses can be allowed by the GM or a different point conversion rate than 1:1.)

Each illness has a set of triggers associated with it - stress being the most common but specific words and situations can also be triggers. All mental illnesses are always present in at least a mild form and can only managed, never cured. The triggers just bring out the full impact of the illness and can even cause the illness to have more severe effects than its severity level would usually indicate.

Apathy: Little can stir your heart or even incite you to action. You do not hate the world. You simply can’t bring yourself to care.

Aversion: There is a person, place, course of action, or thing you particularly detest and will go to nearly any lengths to avoid. If forced into a situation where you must encounter the source of the aversion if you cannot escape you will have a panic attack.

Bipolar: You have extreme emotional highs and lows that come in cycles over periods of weeks and months. This illness is easily mistaken for depression or mania. It has elements of both Mania and Depression but the main drawback comes from the difficulties and social stigmas of swinging back and forth between the two poles. (A bit of a simplification of what bipolar disorder is for the sake of gameplay.)

Body Dismorphism: There are so many little things wrong with your body and if you could just set them right everything would be perfect. Each ‘correction’ helps you see any remaining flaws. You just know that when it’s all said and done you will be beautiful. You are always acutely aware of your flaws and try to hide them from others. If such a flaw is pointed out in a social setting you become nervous and off balance. (This includes eating disorders.)

Compulsion: At all times you feel an uncontrollable urge to do something: write, clean, talk, gamble, etc. In the presence of an opportunity to act out this urge you need to pass a Willpower check or spend a turn acting out the compulsion. If the temptation is especially strong each Willpower check requires expending a point of temporary Willpower to resist.

Cyber Psychosis: This specific illness only appears with cyborgs. This is a dissassociative ailment usually paired with Body Dismorphism. Cyber Psychosis describes a detachment between a person's organic body and their machine parts which usually results in a loss of empathy for other humans and a sense of self-dehumanization. If left untreated other mental illnesses can develop based on the inability to reconcile this internal conflict.

Delusions: A false belief has reshaped your life. This most commonly manifests as delusions of grandeur. Paranoid delusions of grand conspiracies are also common. Define your delusions in detail and how you reached them. You always believe them to be true even in the face of overwhelming evidence that proves otherwise.

Depression: Deep-seated sorrow springs up again and again over the course of your life draining away your daily energy and will to live with each attack. This is usually triggered by rejection, failure, and/or self-recrimination. During periods where the depression rises up you must make a Willpower roll to undertake any action.

Dissociation: This complex problem usually stems from trauma, but not always. It is a disruption in the cognitive processes or memory formation of the brain leading to one of several outcomes. Depersonalization, or a feeling of "going through the motions" or disconnect from the body as it were can become persistant and debilitating. Dissociation also manifests as retrograde amnesia (the severity of this is less then the Amnesia flaw above). Memory dissociation relates to the inability of the mind to integrate memory fragments into the whole because of the person's emotional state during memory formation. This contributes to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hallucinations: You see and hear things that aren’t really there. These hallucinations are so real that it is impossible for you to discern what is real and what is only a product of your mind. Note that auditory hallucinations are not necessarily the same thing as having alternate personalities. The difference is that hallucinations are variable and will change up in response to stimulae but personalities remain consistent over time and are capable of logic.

Insecure: You are never sure of your place in the world – at home, at work, in the ring. You are your own worst critic at all times and have a tendency to go over ever slight and fault with a fine-toothed comb. When this manifests you lose 2 dice from your Willpower rolls.

Kleptomania: You have an intense compulsion to steal and love the thrill and emotional high each time you manage to succeed. The monetary value of your thefts means nothing to you – only the euphoric rush.

Lunacy: You are strongly affected by the lunar cycles based on a deep-seated psychosis. When the moon is full you are filled with frenetic energy and heightened aggression adding a die to your dice pools and +1 to the difficulty of all attempts to avoid combat and remain calm. This enthusiasm wanes as the cycle slips towards the new moon. On any night that you cannot see the moon you feel fatigued and lose one die off of all your dice pools and temporarily lose two points of Willpower which cannot be recovered through Honor rolls until you can see the moon again. This flaw is worth 4 points for Animal Hybrids.

Manic: Everything to the max! You undertake every action with the maximum amount of energy and tend to burn yourself out. Once this illness is triggered you cannot voluntarily withhold dice from any actions. If a maneuver or ability gives you dice to divide among actions you must use all of them at the first opportunity. In order to do so you must spend a Willpower point which will give you the self-control needed for one round.

Megalomania: You absolutely must control every aspect of your life. As this grows you feel an increasing need to control and dictate every facate of the lives of those around you as well. Those weaklings wouldn't know what to do with themselves if you weren't around!

Multiple Personalities: Your psyche has split apart into distinct and separate identities. Some may even be aware of the others. You must define your other personalities and what triggers them to emerge. Alternatively you may have a variety of different personalities active at all times but only one is the front-facing control personality that others see while the others stay within your psyche carrying out their lives within your mind. (The actual existence of this illness is debated but it is presented here for completeness.)

Munchausens: No one pays any attention to you unless you are ill so you’ve decided you’ll just stay ill and stay happy. You fake illness and wound yourself as necessary to keep up the charade. (This also includes Munchausens by Proxy which is an illness whereby the attention-seeker makes another ill then nurses them back to health.)

Narcissism: Beauty stares at you from every reflective surface. You believe yourself to be unblemished, perfect and that others should share the same opinion. Narcissism is not a compulsion to see your own reflection (although some characters might have that as another facet of their illness) but instead is an irrational fixation on one's perceived physical perfection and a complete inability to receive criticism or accept that there might be errors in that self-image. (This should not be mistaken for the actual clinical definition of narcissim.)

Narcolepsy: Narcolepsy is a neurological condition where a person spontaneously falls asleep even when they don't feel tired or they're in the middle of doing something. It can be mitigated through treatment but cannot be cured. The onset of sleep is triggered by one or more conditions - which the Storyteller will construct - that tell the brain to suddenly shut down. When a trigger appears the narcoleptic must make an immediate Stamina roll, difficulty 7, to stay awake. (Again, another simplification of a disorder because some symptoms such as chronic fatigue are hard to keep track of and simulate in the game especially because of the heavy emphasis on combat.)

Necrophilia: This is a fascination and even sexual thrill brought on by handling corpses. Their empty stillness invites you to do whatever you want with them. Most cultures frown upon this sort of activity. Whether or not you kill people or cannibalize the dead is independant of this trait.

Obsession: This is the Compulsion mental illness dialed up to 11 with some additional quirks. Some need, blown far out of realistic proportion, consumes your every waking thought. This results in a fixation on a means of achieving the object of desire and gradually-escalating attempts to fulfill the obsession.

Paranoia: Enemies are everywhere. They watch constantly. Even those who profess to be your friends cannot be trusted. You must take measures to ensure your personal safety. Of course it's not paranoia if someone really is out to get you and the world of Street Fighter has no shortage of danger. To qualify as paranoia the fear and protective measures must have a demonstrable impact on your ability to socialize with and trust others. You are probably not much of a team player.

Pathological Liar: Lying is fun and profitable for you but mostly fun. In fact, you have to make a Willpower roll not to lie when the opportunity presents itself. You don't really see anything wrong with your lies. It's all just good, clean fun and everybody does it! Right?

Phobia: A phobia is an irrational fear of something rooted deep in the subconscious. Being confronted by a phobia requires a Willpower check whose effects depend on the severity rating of the phobia. At rank one a single success is needed to remain calm. Failing reduces your dice pools by 1. At rank two three successes are needed and failure causes you to freeze in place unable to act except to flee if threatened. At rank three the base difficulty is 8 and failure results in immediate panic.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: A prior stressful experience in your life has created permanent connections with that memory and feelings of fear, tension, panic, and anxiety. When triggered portions of that memory are sometimes recalled resulting in flashbacks. Triggers will vary over time but are always related to the intial trauma. Being triggered can be draining depending on the severity of the disorder and the strength of the trigger.

Pyromania: This is a compulsion to set fires and a fascination with the results (this is a highly specialized compulsion and should not be combined with that trait). You enjoy watching the afterglow of your work. Whether or not the fact that your fires hurt others causes you emotional distress depends on other psychological factors.

Sociopath: You completely lack empathy. It is a foreign concept to you. Other people are less then useless unless they bring you some form of amusement and you have no qualms exploring such avenues. Attempts to change your opinion through emotional avenues always fail although you are still capable of logic and reasoning and have no emotional inhibitions about pretending that you care if it gets you closer to a goal. (This is fudging the definition of sociopath for the sake of gameplay.)

Templar Complex: There is real evil in the world and no one seems to give a damn. Well, you care and you’ve been training hard to become strong enough to defeat this evil. Anyone who disagrees with you is obviously deluded or in cahoots with the enemy. If they won't see the error of their ways well you have no problem putting your training to use.

Mistaken Identity (1, 3 points)

You share an uncanny resemblance with someone familiar to the public at large. For one point this is only a nuisance as you are mistaken for a famous person from time to time. The three point version is (surprise!) more serious as you are regularly assumed to be a dangerous criminal fugitive who should be reported to the police. People insisit over and over again that they've seen you on wanted posters or that you fit the supposed profile of a terrorist.

Mute (5 points)

You cannot speak and lack the physical capability to do so. You may not use abilities that require a verbal component.

Notorious Sensei (2 points)

Your sensei is not one of the respected fighters of the world usually because they have a shady past. The affect of this on you is the innate distrust and disdain of the fighting circuit. Until you prove your worth you will gain 1 less point of Glory each fight. The GM has the final say on when you overcome this stigma, if ever.

Nightmares (1 point)

Horrifying visions haunt your sleep. They don’t come every time you close your eyes but at least once a week the nightmares return robbing you of precious sleep. Memories of these visions leak over into the waking world with details of deaths, betrayals, and your greatest fears. In any day following a night riddled with nightmares all of your dice pools are reduced by 1. Perhaps your dreams are really glimpses of a terrible fate that awaits you...

Oath of Fealty (3 points)

You’ve taken an oath of loyalty to another party. Should this oath be broken that party can make... bad things happen to you. This also applies to soldiers as their oaths of service can be punished by imprisonment or even execution if broken. In order for this flaw to apply, however, the party you have sworn your allegiance to must have some political capital, i.e. they must be a corporation, a country, a crime syndicate, etc.

Oath of Vengeance (2 points)

You were wronged and you’ve sworn that you’ll make that person or organization pay come hell or high water. The desire for vengeance is constant and requires expending a point of temporary Willpower to temporarily suppress. At all times it is your number one priority and you will stop at nothing to achieve it even if it means you must betray friends, alienate family, or break codes of honor.

Obligation (1-5 points)

You owe a debt that cannot be repaid with money. The point value determines how large of an obligation it is and the punishment for failure. At a 4 or 5 you are expected to be fully willing to give your life if called upon. Honor compels you to fulfill this obligation and should you fail you immediately lose a full rank. Depending on the nature of the obligation failure can also result in making new enemies.

One Arm (4 points)

You possess only one functioning arm. While this isn’t much of an impact on your day-to-day life as you’ve learned to cope it means you cannot use any special maneuver that requires both hands like Hyper Fist or Hundred Hand Slap. You will require a new cybernetic arm in order to do that. Prosthetic limbs do not have the motor control or structural integrity needed for combat.

One Leg (5 points)

Due to accident or injury you have lost one leg. In order to walk you will require the use of a prosthetic limb. Unless you have a fully cybernetic leg you cannot use any kick techniques as conventional prosthetics can neither withstand such the impacts of kicks nor permit the level of flexbility required.

Pack Mentality (2 points)

The team is your life, your family. Without them you are nothing. In your mind you are an extension of the team. The experience point cost for all team abilities is reduced by 2 but in the absence of another teammate all difficulties increase by 1.

Paraplegic (5 points)

You are paralyzed from the waist down and have no use of your legs. Movement is limited to crawling unless you use mechanical means to aid yourself or special maneuvers such as Levitate. You may not buy or use the Light Feet special maneuver.

Permanent Wound (2 points per wound level)

Some time in the past you suffered such terrible injuries that you never fully recovered. You may take this flaw multiple times and it may stack with other related flaws. Each time you take Permanent Wound you take on a permanent health level of damage that can never be healed. This injury applies to all the health levels thus one rank of Permanent Wound means you have one level of bashing and one level of aggravated damage always filled in. Such permanent wound levels do not give you move penalties although the penalties for any other wound-related flaws still apply.

Persistent Family (1 point)

You may only take this flaw if you have a disconnect with your family: either you have broken ties with them or you conceal your street fighting from them. Someone in your family worries about you and might even go so far as to hire private investigators to track you down and find out all they can. You must decide the reason for this divide and define how it has impacted your life. In all likelihood being discovered will cause major problems for you.

Predator’s Mark (1 point)

There’s just something about you that makes others uneasy. Animals become skittish when they catch your scent and people remark that you seem gruff and angry much of the time. You might even physically resemble an animal. If you attempt to touch an animal it must succeed in a Willpower test or become frightened and try to flee from you.

Repulsion (3 points)

The mere presence of the Dark Hadou (or it’s inverse if you are already corrupted) causes you physical pain and discomfort. You will try to avoid coming into contact with a source of such energy if at all possible and must make a Willpower check each round to attack the source. If the check fails you can do nothing but take evasive action. If the check botches you fall into an immediate panic and flee at maximum speed.

(Note that although this is specifically written for the Dark Hadou it is possible to substitute many other things as the source of the Repulsion. The Dark Hadou is merely the most visceral source for Street Fighters).

Scatterbrained (2 points)

You have trouble paying attention to things and are easily distracted. This does not affect Alertness checks as you have no problem noticing things but anytime you need to focus on the task at hand your difficulties increase by 1 and you must succeed at a Willpower check if anything comes along begging for your attention.

Sensei’s Enmity (3 points)

You’ve made an enemy out of your sensei. Maybe you broke a law of the dojo or attempted to upstage them but whatever the reason you’ve been cast out to fend for yourself. In addition, word of your transgression has passed from dojo to dojo amongst your style. In the eyes of your former Sensei and those who agree with them you have an effective penalty to your permanent Honor and Glory of 2 full ranks. This is not a permanent reduction in either score, however rolls to recover Chi and Willpower when facing members who despise you for being cast out use the reduced rank and it can affect your ability to qualify for tournaments. Obviously your sensei isn't going to continue your training and might actively hunt you.

Shadow Twin (9 points)

Born from a discarded portion of your psyche or a trauma inflicted upon the very fabric of reality a twin of you exists somewhere in the world. It has all your strengths, weaknesses, and abilities and is your opposite in temperament. In combat you get the distinct impression you’re fighting a mirror. The shadow is completely invulnerable to energy damage you generate and vice versa. If either of you suffer damage within 100’ this damage is instead split evenly between the two of you.

Although you may not be aware of your twin for a long while its existence haunts your dreams. You can sense when it is near without needing any special maneuvers or rolling. The two of you cannot stand one another’s existence and will actively seek to destroy one another if you meet. This is unfortunate, for what befalls one side is replicated in the other.

Shy (1 point)

Social gatherings are not where you want to be and you prefer to avoid becoming the center of attention. All social rolls are made at +1 difficulty.

Sickly (2 points)

Because of a chronic, ongoing illness or defect you tend to be sick and easily catch illnesses. You have 2 fewer dice in your dice pools to resist poison and disease.

Slow Reflexes (6 points)

You just aren't cut out for quick movements - your mind and body aren't built for them. Your Dexterity is capped at 4, you cannot have any merits related to dexterity or reflexes (such as Lightning Reflexes) and the difficulty of rolls requiring quick reactions are increased by 1 point.

Soulless Form (6 points)

Your soul feels empty – almost a hollow shell. This feeling, which would be imperceptible to non-Street Fighters, deprives you of that extra boost of energy precisely when you need it most. You may not use Chi aside from what is necessary to activate special maneuvers.

Stained Soul (1, 2, 3 points)

This flaw is only available to characters being created as beginning Street Fighters. You bear a stain upon your soul born from an event in your past. This history will eventually come back to haunt you.

For 1 point this flaw decreases the minimum number of successes to invoke the Dark Hadou from 5 to 4. For 2 points the character has great difficulty resisting the call of darkness and all Focus rolls to do so are at +1 difficulty. At 3 points the stain is palpable to anyone with a Focus of 4 or higher in addition to the modifiers listed above.

Stolen Life (2, 4, 6 points)

There is no record you ever existed. Instead you have come to realize that every accomplishment you’ve ever made has somehow been attributed to another who now uses your name. You are at a loss to explain how this happened and, nay, may even buy into the notion that you’re simply deluded, but it is not a product of your imagination. Intuition tells you something isn’t quite right about things. This is the most severe form of Stolen Life and is worth the full 6 points.

The 4 point version of this flaw relates to identity fraud committed purely for financial gain. Although it’s taken time you’ve gotten (most) of the financial institutions involved to believe that you are not responsible for the accrued debt. It still isn't completely gone, however, and you still have trouble acquiring credit and passing background checks. There is also no guarantee that your stolen information isn't still out there on the black market where some other unscrupulous person can find it.

The 2 point version of this flaw implies that you had an important piece of work stolen from you resulting in someone else getting the glory that should be afforded you. Now you are the one accused of being jealous and overbearing for trying to set the record straight.

Superstitious (1 point)

Signs and portents are everywhere. Why can’t other people see them? There is a pattern and purpose for everything if only you’re willing to look hard enough to find it. You have at least one personal ritual you follow to the letter each day in order to ensure good luck. Now if only others could be made to understand.

Technique Ineptitude (6 points)

You never were particularly skilled in one aspect of the martial arts and it shows whenever you try to use it. Your kicks are slower and sloppier. Your punches never seem to connect. Choose one technique. All maneuvers of the selected technique – including basics – function at a –1 speed and damage penalty, permanently. You cannot have a Technique Ineptitude in a technique which is also forbidden.

Touch of Corruption (7 points)

To have this flaw you must also have the maximum rank of Stained Soul. Your very touch contains the crippling mark of darkness. This destructive influence is always present and can harm living beings who come into contact with you. Plants wither at your fingertips. Animals can smell the corruption you carry and will try to avoid touching you at all costs. Humans cry out in pain at the slightest graze. You cannot control when and where this happens save by just not touching anyone.

Every time you touch another living being make a contested Focus + Chi roll against them. If they lose they suffer damage equal to successes on a Focus roll ignoring the victim’s Stamina. After damage is tallied the victim may then attempt to soak with a Stamina roll plus any ranks of Dark Hadou they possess. This does not affect those with an equal or lower Dark Hadou rank then yourself. Other street fighters may add their ranks of Light Hadou to the contested roll above to avoid damage. (For expediency's sake in a match the Storyteller may rule that you must score more successes on a Focus roll, bypassing the Focus + Chi contest, then they have ranks of Light Hadou to do any damage.)

Uncontrollable Power (power point cost of maneuver)

This drawback only applies to Focus maneuvers. Your ability to control and direct said maneuver is lacking. Whenever it is invoked you roll for successes as normal but the Storyteller ultimately decides what happens and how. To you it seems as if your power has a mind and will of it's own - because it effectively does.

Uneducated (3, 5 points)

Maybe you should have paid a little more attention in school or skipped a bit less often. Your slacking means you have 3 fewer points to spend buying Knowledges and no such skill can go above 3 until this flaw is paid off. If the Storyteller allows it the more expensive version for 5 points does the same thing at the same 1:1 ratio with Knowledges still capped at 3.

Unskilled (3, 5 points)

Skilled labor? Nope. You have 3 fewer points to spend buying Talents and no such skill can go above 3 until this flaw is paid off. If the Storyteller allows it the more expensive version for 5 points does the same thing at the same 1:1 ratio with Talents still capped at 3.

Vapid Will (6 points)

Everyone has times in which they draw upon their inner reserves in order to accomplish extraordinary feats. Everyone, that is, except you. In times of stress you have only your wits to rely upon. This doesn’t stop you from using special maneuvers that require Willpower but when you reach for more there is nothing there to tap.

You may not use Willpower aside from what is necessary to activate special maneuvers. This includes Willpower use to contest effects and suppress other flaws.

Visible Scar (1 point per scar)

Your body still bears the marks of previous injuries. To qualify for this flaw the scar must be large enough that if seen it would attract attention. Its appearance is generally off-putting to those around you as others stare, ridicule you, or ask invasive questions about how you got it. The effect is largely social and thus does not have any inherent mechanical adjustment to your rolls. Only the GM can say when and how visible scarring comes into play. In certain settings it may hinder your social dice pools while in others it could boost intimidation.

Wanderlust (3, 5 points)

You have a free spirit and an intense desire to roam and travel around. Reports from and tales of distant lands are fascinating and you want to see these things up close. It is difficult, if not impossible, for you to ever put down roots and stay in one place for long. If you are a Street Fighter you likely either have no team to call your own or belong to one that affords many travel opportunities. If you are forced to stay in one place for more then a few months your urge to roam returns. Although you can fight it for awhile using Willpower rolls (checked every 2 months or when something stimulates the urge to travel) the difficulty gradually increases until you find yourself forced to keep moving.

Note that this is not the same as having a compulsion to travel (as listed under Mental Illness) because Wanderlust is focused heavily on experiencing new lands and cultures while a compulsion to travel is an impulse to keep moving for the sake of moving - the where isn't important. Characters with Wanderlust tend to become bored with the culture around them rather easily and are excited by the prospect of seeing distant monuments and sites of historical interest.

There is also a darker version of this flaw which is worth 5 points and wherein you are forced to roam the earth by powers beyond your control. While you still enjoy seeing sights you can always feel an impulse in the back of your mind warning you not to stay in one place for long. In effect you are a doom magnet. For each week that you reside in a location (defined as resting in the same building or spot within a ten mile range over sequential nights) you accrue a point of Hadou opposite of your current alignment. These points do not stack with your Hadou rank, cannot change your Hadou rank, and are unaffected by changes in your Hadou rank.

Every ten points is a rank of Hadou, light or dark, and for each rank you have at the beginning of a week the GM makes a check, difficulty 7, with a dice pool equal to your rank. Any successes on this check mean a strange event happens the details of which are up to the GM but which makes your life more difficult and will match the alignment of the Hadou pool in use. The only way to eliminate ranks of built up Hadou are to pack up and move. For each week that you stay on the road one rank of built up Hadou is removed.

Wanted (3, 5 points)

You are a wanted criminal with warrants out for your arrest. The 5 point version of this flaw only applies if you are being pursued by a national (such as the FBI) or international law enforcement agency for serious crimes which can result in you spending the rest of your life in jail. This flaw does not apply to minor, inconveniencing misdemeanors.

Ward (2 points)

Another person, young or old, is completely dependent upon you for protection, monetary support, and/or education. This could be a child, a disabled family member, or even an aging, ill parent. You must take care as wards are a prime target for those who would do you harm. This flaw also applies to non-custodial offspring if you are legally responsibly for visitation and child support.

Weak Constitution (2 points)

Your immune system is barely able to keep up with your day to day lifestyle and you have a hard time coping with periods of physical stress. You have probably been hospitalized due to infections and have a permanent –1 penalty to your effective Stamina, down to a minimum of 1, in order to resist poison and disease.

Weak-Willed (2 points)

Despite your permanent Willpower score part of your psyche is always uncertain. This does not mean you are inherently insecure but that you tend to be more of a herd member and you consequently have trouble asserting yourself and establishing boundaries. This leaves you more vulnerable to abilities and skills which affect you mentally. Although you may spend Willpower normally the difficulty of those mentally attacking you is 1 less.